Thursday, December 12, 2013

My hair story

Like every other African boy, i always wore my hair short, fading every 3 weeks until i graduated from high school ( it was compulsory for boys to wear short hair in high school). When i moved out from my parents i started to grow my hair longer, not because i desired it but only because i was to lazy to go at the barber shop: i wasn't use to that since we had our hair cut at home. So i was having a fade every 3 months or so, afraid of dirt or dandruff, but my hair and scalp were always clean once i get to the barber and i always thought: " i could have grown it longer..."

In september 2010, i move from Cameroon to Italy. I felt like 10euro was waaay too much for a haircut ( i was still doing the change in my mind: 10euro were about 6559.5 Fcfa and i used to have a nice and decent haircut at 300Fcfa) beside the winter was coming and like every other newbbie here, we were taught that hair can be helpful during the winter time and from there i start growing my hair to these days.

I absolutely had no clue on hair care at all and didn't even my mind it. I was not doing anything to my hair, first i was washing it like i do for my body. Then from a certain length i started using shampoo. I accidentally met conditioner (i went to the grocery to buy shampoo and i mistook conditioner for shampoo).
My hair was always a mess, and one day i told myself: "enough is enough! If i want to do it, i have to do it well" and i start some researches on African hair care regimen, that's how i came accross Youtube videos.

I took some "light" tips from YT, like tools to use, conditioning, deep conditioning and few other things. Hair wasn't yet and obsession, but i kind of started taking care of that even if i wasn't consistent at all. Thus, it wasn't easy to deal with my textured hair but i had made some progress in caring. I wanted longer and more maneuverable hair. So friends of mine ( sistas) convinced me to relax it promising an easier life.

In november 2011, i had my first and only relaxer. It wasn't a perfect one because i didn't let it  burn. At first i was happy with the result, my hair appeared longer, i could comb through it and do a tail easily. That worked for a while and i soon realised i wasn't satisfied with the processed hair (i've always been a fan of big and voluminous hair) but still tried to show some love to that hair more often. I went back on YT and learned so much.

Through the 2012 i wasn't able to take care of my hair, i didn't have time: i was working too much, had to study and work-out and from june i was playing tennis, no dedication to my hair. As a result i had some hard time with my transitioning hair. I gradually started to incorporate great tips as i was learning through the year 2013 and tried to handle a more regular and consistent hair care regimen.

I'm planning on a good and more consistent hair routine for the next 2 years, learn more about my hair and hope for a healthy growth :)


  1. J'ai sourit quand j'ai lu que tu avais confondu shampooing et conditionner ! Alors qu'as tu fait à ce moment là ? Tu l'a utilisé jusqu'au bout ? Tu as dû remarquer que tes cheveux étaient plus soft, non ?

    En tout cas, j'ai beaucoup aimé lire ton histoire capillaire !!

    Traduis-nous tout ça en français aussi, , ça peut aider ceux qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais ! ;-)

    ++ Bro !

    1. Ahhaha je suis allez racheté du shampoing et je me suis rendu compte qu'après le shampoing on doit utiliser un après shampoing. Je ne peux pas te dire si mes cheveux étaient plus soft ou pas, je ne pretais pas du tout attention à celà ( oulalala je viens de loin... )
      J'essayerai de trouver du temps pour la version française ;)


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