Saturday, December 14, 2013

Build a good regimen : 3 things to consider

Like every "new" natural or someone who just decided to take care of his natural hair , the first thing that came in mind is the product to use. Then researching further we find good tips and  try to build a routine. I think a good, or a should say a suitable regimen is a prerequisite of a successful hair journey.
The big deal now is : what is the ideal hair regimen ?

I have my own thought on the topic and that's how i build my different regimen . This stape of the journey, for me, depends on various factors:

1 - Hair needs : understanding our hair
That seems to be the most ovvious one , but most of the time we tend to switch to the regimen of our favourite youtubers because of their great results. We should take a minute to pay more attention to our own hair and listen to it, that's the way to understand it, learning about its features. Here we should think about specific needs like protein or moisture and features like protein sensitivity , porosity and the hair type 

2 - Lifestyle
Once settled the hair needs and features, the next thing to consider should be the lifestyle. Our natural hair needs some dedication in order to thrive. Once you know how much time you can spend on your hair per weekly or monthly, you can create the most suitable regimen for you with the right products , the way to apply and use them on your hair . No matter how busy you are, just find some time for your hair as you do for everything else. Just remember to spend reasonable amount of time on hair .

3- Budget
The most popular product ? The lastest trends? There are so much out there . Personally i don't think all that is essential, i'm against overspending on products. According to your budget and you hair's needs choose products that suits you the best and  are within your reach . In this way you'll be able to follow your journey without thinking that natural hair is too expensive : it's all about how you deal with it.  From time to time you can offer yourself some luxury ;)

These are the three main lines that helped me to build my regimen. Obviously the more i learn about my hair the more often i change things, adding or rimoving.
How do you proceed ?

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