Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 hair resolutions

When it comes to my hair, 2013 has been an a year of great learnings. Mostly in the second semester of this year, when i really started to become a Natural hair enthusiast , i learned so much about natural afro texturized hair from the textures to the care and maintenance, i'm glad to say i'm no more ignorant.

2014 will be a new start for me, packed with knowledge and tips. I'm planning on a journey to healthy hair.
For that purpose hair car will become a real staple in my life such as studies, sports and social life : i'll find time to dedicate to it. My 2014 journey will consist in proper care and consistency . I'll be also try things on longer duration ( trimester ) to be able to analyse the results and get the best for a healthy growth.

The other challenge beside the healthy growth is obviously the length retention. I'll be working on retaining length as much as possible. I'll try to have my ends protected most of the time and many other tips that other naturals use. I don't set any length goal because i don't know how fast my hair grows and because it's not a race and i don't want that type of disappointment . I don't know how i'll do that yet, but i'll also do something for the volume: I crave big hair :D

The follow up. This is something i wasn't doing before. I'll try to follow the evolution of my hair more accurately. Take note after my experiments and observations and also do measurements after regimen to see if what i do really works. Obviously everything will be uploaded here so you readers can help, be helped or even get inspired :)

These are some pictures from here i start the year. Let's the adventure started!!!!
Twist out

What are your hair resolutions for the new year ????

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