Thursday, December 19, 2013

Going into a Natural hair journey : what to except

Stagnant length, the poursuit of volume, easy breakage, damaged hair or simply the will of changing look. Those are some of the few reasons that could drive somebody to grow naps. There are some few things that we should consider, going into a natural hair journey. We all have that idea of having "easier" hair to deal with (they will naturally grow, no need to do much on it ), stronger by itself because there is no more relaxer, and "cheaper" because it shouldn't need much maintenance and care . Well, forget about it, it's actually takes a lot to handle natural hair.

For most of us, a natural hair journey is what brings us to know our hair, black african hair. In the relaxed days we didn't care about hair the right way, having no clue about black and how it should be handled in order to thrive ( the rights tips, the right products to use, ... ). Relaxed or natural black hair is black hair and it requires proper care. As a mystery, natural hair drive to research and doing so we learn so much and realize there is a lot to do and consider for a proper haircare. Natural hair doesn't require more than relaxed hair in order to thrive, in my opinion. The tips and methodology are the same. Well the detangling process take more time but it's worthy. At the end of the day, a glorious mane comes from a consistent hair care.

We often find these youtubers with gorgeous hair that make us crush, that we desire and dream about. We want our hair to respond, to react, to come out and to look like their: we want them hair! That's not what a  hair journey is about. Sometimes we should take a break of all that and take time to observe our hair, to understand it, accept it and love it the way it is, with all its features. They will not always respond to deep conditioning or styling the way we expected. Everyone's hair is Unique, depending on many factors. And we should be able to understand, accept and embrace it. That makes the journey way easier : the less frustration you have the better you feel.

Patience and Perseverance
Starting the natural hair journey comes with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity for the results to come. We see youtubers with gorgeous hair who make great style and regimen and make it look so easy and quick , and have lovely results. It can be really frustrating when we can't achieve nearly the same, when we spend hours and hours on wash days or when we try a style over and over again but can't achieve it , when we deep condition, baggy and do everything but still can't achieve soft, maneuvrable hair and see breakage. It will take sometime for every things to come together : practising you'll acquire the right techniques and processes on your head of hair and so you'll be able to work faster. It requires multiple treatments before seeing the positive results on the hair, considering all the scalp and hair have been through before you decide to take care of it the right way. Compared to other type of hair, african hair grows slower, but it definetely grows. Plus it will also take some time to really understand your own hair, what to do and when to do it. Keep trying, be consistent and patient, you'll reach your goal, hopefully.

At the beginning the natural hair journey can be a pretty rough struggle, but accepting and loving your hair the way it is, be consistent with a good hair care regimen and be patient will definetely leads you to your goal and to brighter hair days.

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