Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet my hair

During the past months i learnt a lot about African hair and specifically about my own hair. These queries actually helped me to understand my hair and to be able to built a most suitable regimen for me. For that purpose, i recommend to research for a successful hair journey.


Fortunately i still have a healthy scalp due to the fact that it hasn't been through several chemical processes ( i relaxed only once! ). It isn't greasy and i don't think i suffer from dry sclap neither. I can say i never had dandruff for my entire life, never. I notice that i kind of have many pores and my hair is pretty dense BUT my strands are fine, my hair may appear thick but the strands are actually thin.

Hair type

My hair is definetely coily but is not coily in the same way on every area of my head. Mostly my hair is         tightly coiled with a defined curl pattern. The hair on my hairline has a less defined curl pattern meanwhile the hair of my nape area has a looser texture and is probabily the most maneuvrable area of my hair. According to the Andre Walker's hair type chart, i identified 3 hair type on my head of hair: my nape area is more a 3C type, on the hairline i have a 4B and the rest of my head is mostly 4A.
Here is a link where you can learn which hair type you are:


I did some porosity test and observed how my hair reacted, and i realized that my hair has low to medium porosity. In fact my hair doesn't take ages to dry when let air dried, it doesn't sink on the bottom of a glass of water at room temperature. For me the porosity of hair is really important, if not the most important thing to know about our hair in order to find the right regimen.

Other features

After many experiments i can say that my hair is protein sensitive : when i deep condition with whole eggs, when my hair dries it becomes really brittle and hard and make that crusty sound and stays in that state in the following days until i bring moisture to it.
I don't have really thick edges and i'll try to improve it.
Like everyone else, i guess, my hair isn't at the same length on every area : the nape area tends to be the longest maybe it's just because the texture is looser. The crown is one short area : at some point of my journey i wasn't taking good care of my hair, it was really matted and i was impatient and just cut it. The very front is the shorter (i still have to figure out why) , the hair there is fragile and is the area where i experience the most shedding.
My hair tends to be very very frizzy
And last but not least, my hair is black, dark black and i absolutely love it.

What are your hair's features ?

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