Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Here I Am

About me

Well ,before i start sharing, i think i should present myself.
I'm a young cameroonian guy, i've been leaving in Italy for a couple of years now, far away from family.
I'm student and i have to earn a living all by myself and that ain't easy at all, but i keep smiling and not let the situation take me down :)

Why a blog ?

I have never been the kind of person that takes really good care of oneself, i mean i don't really care if my hair looks good or not, if i shaved or if my skin is dry, moisturized etc...But lately, as i decided to go back to the gym ( actually as i could afford that again :p ) i decided to improve everything going into my bodybuilding journey.
I also thought it'll be a good thing to actually document my journey, so i can keep track of the evolution and progress, remember what worked good for me and what didn't. Beside, i think sharing my experience won't be only good for me but also for others who think about growing healthy natural african hair :)

In this blog, i'll be talking about what i do to grow my hair, things that i use, try, what i notice and obviously what i learned about my hair and in general about african hair. 

I hope these notes will help some others out there,
Peace and Love


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