Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1st Trimester 2014 Challenge

This is not really a challenge though, since i've been practising this for the last 2 months and i think i'll be able to handle this for an additional trimester. What i'll be really working here is consistency and follow up. The challenge is obviously base on my regimen and how i intend to take care of my locs.

1. Frequence
Because i'm working out a lot during the week ( 4xweek at the gym and some tennis ) and i need my scalp to be clean for an healthy growth, i'll be shampooing my hair at leas every other week. And since it is winter time i'll be deep conditioning every week to provide enough moisture.
Deep conditioning/ hot oil treatment

2. Tools
I won't use neither combs nor brushes during this semester. I happen to discover i don't necessarily need combs or brushes to detangle my hair, i practiced finger detangling and finger combing and i can handle it. Beside, i don't do elaborated style on my hair, so it's ok.

3. Diet
Somehow, for the past 2 years i've been on a healthier diet, a high proteinate diet since i'm trying to build muscular mass. Beside that, i'll be incorporating more fruits and vegetables ( especially green vegetables) in my diet for some more vitamins and other goodies ;)

4. Others
Another step will be added to the pre poo process : the shed hair removal and some light finger detangling. This part makes life so much easier because the rest of the process goes really faster after that.
No heat on my tresses. I've been using direct heat on my hair and i will continue to not do that for a while.
Winterize. Since it's winter time i'll be protecting my strands from the elements and from the clothings: underneath my beanie there will always be a satin scalf of my hair.

We'll be assessing the challenge on the 31st of march, stay stuned
Click for photos to the start here:http://dudegrowingnaps.blogspot.it/2013/12/challenge-janvier-mars-2014.html

Do you have any challenge or something you want to try more consistently ?

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