Monday, April 21, 2014

New Plans

Now that i ended my challenge, i'll do things a little differently for the next months. The main goal is to finish all the products that i already have, most of them being conditioners and deep condtitioners.

First, i'll only use grocery store products which are the worse when it comes to the ingredients. I'll build a regimen and techniques based on the risks of dealing with these ingredients.Now that i know how healthy hair looks like, i'm curious to see how my hair will react.
These products have all of the "crap" you can imagine : harsh sulfates , mineral oil, drying alcohol, parabens, silicones, you name it. Playing with the devil yall .

Then i'll be using cleaner products bought in beauty supply store. They aren't curly hair friendly, because some of them have silicones and quaterniums. From time to time i'll be doing a diy hair mask if i want .
 This line can be considered safer since the only questionable ingredients are silicones and some preservatives. Also this line has a conditioner/hair mask  which i like.

Therefore, this is supposed to be the delicate period of my healthy hair journey. I don't wanna spend money on new products even if i know mine aren't the best . I think that, knowing what is in what you use, it's possible to find a way to make them work with the least of harm. You have to do with what you get right ? Unfortunately, it's not as easy to purchase natural products where i live.

After that rough period, i'll go back to my  healthier products. No sles/sls , no parabens, no mineral oil. But the products are not all natural, but it's ok. I know how to handle it :)))

My habits will not change:
- Wear my hair in twist in a bun
- Deep condition every week
- No direct heat on my strands
- Finger detangling will still be my friend. Comb and brush will be very rare.
Maybe there will be something new i'm thinking about doing a cowash in the midweek.

I'll give details on different regimen in other posts to come.
See you

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