Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trimming time _ How i trim

So i closed the 3 months challenge these days and i must say that my hair is definitely in need of a good trim.
The last time i trimmed/dusted my end was at least five months ago.

How did i know it was time to trim ?

I simply observed my ends when my hair was dry,at the end of the week ( it's hard to say how they feel when wet) : they felt rough, brittle and crusty. Plus they weren't looking good.

Another sign was the fact that there was a LOT of single strand knots , more and more tangles so the detangling process was starting to be nerves-breaking. Plus sometime, after wash session, it was hard to make the ends curl in the same direction, while twisting, without them not snapping.  With all that combined i just decided i was time to trim

How i trim my ends ?

 During my researches, i learned that afro textured hair is in his most fragile state when wet so i decide to trim on dry hair even though i know nappy hair stretches more when wet.
I start on old medium dry twists to have some stretch. I undo the twist, working one strand at the time, i remove shed hair and finger detangled and finger combed. I can add a LITTLE bit of water and some oil to add slip if needed.

Then i proceed with wide tooth comb, then a brush GENTLY to make sure my hair is thoroughly detangled so i can have the most stretch possibile and a nice trim.

I totally stretch the strand with one hand and glide the other hand to feel the hair and identify where the crusty ends are

Then i place my fingers perpendicularly to the strand, place the scissors right there maintaining that angle and cut.

So that's it.

After this use of comb and brush, i won't be using it for a quite a while. I don't know when will be the next trim, i'll be listening to my hair :)
Let me know what you think about the process above

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