Monday, April 14, 2014

1st trimester challenge '14 - Update III

This has been the last month of my challenge, and i've done things a little differently.

1. I didn't deep condition every single week like i did in the previous 2 months (considering what i found last month ) . I didn't notice any significative or drastic in the way my hair felt or looked. I still had good elasticity and good level of moisture in my hair.

2. I ran out of my customized deep conditioner so i had to come up with other options: I use a hot oil treatment and a banana mask. Both seemed to be really good options leaving my hair moisturized and nourished duting the week i believe.

        Banana mask recipe

1 banana _ 35ml aloe juice _ 1 tablespoon of honey _ 3 tablespoon of my onion&garlic oil_10 drops of rosemary esssential oil _ 10 drops of lavender essential oil 
 Blend the banana in the blender with a cup of water and the honey. Strain the mixture, add the other ingredients, mix well. Let sit under a heating cap for at least 30 minutes.

3. I try different oils for my pre-poo treatment:

                                  The "Dabur" amla oil 

Despite the fact that there is mineral oil here i used it, twice. I didn't apply it directly on my scalp but only on my strand. On my scalp i apply some coconut oil.
I didn't feel like it was bad for my hair, nothing went wrong after using it. 

                  Onion & Garlic Oil

I read a lot of good reviews on the benefits of onion and garlic for hair growth, so i decided to incorporate it in my regimen and i found a spot for it in my regimen.
Recipe : I grated 1 onion and 4 cloves of garlic in a bowl and added some oil in it until the oil covered the onions and let it sit for few days before using it.
I can't say much about that oil now, but i hope it helps

These two have a very strong smell, that will be the only Nay for me . 

4. Leave-in conditioner & Moisturizing mist/spray

To fight the dryness of my hair after sports, i started to use some sort of leave-in or spray that i made. And it seems to be working. I actually only have to spritz my hair before it dried and i won't feel the dryness later in the day or the next day, even if sometimes i have to spritz my hair several times.
The spray is easy to make : distilled water + aloe juice + glycerin and mix. Sometimes, i can replace the water with an infusion of distilled water with rosemary, camomile and citrus fruit extract.

Observing my hair, i noticed that my ends were kind of dry and crusty so, to close this challenge i trimmed my ends. I will publish an article about my trimming experience very soon. 


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