Friday, April 18, 2014

Post Challenge thoughts and PICS

For the past 3 months i've done something, i never thought i would have been able to do : being consistent with hair care regimen and pay attention to my hair. It wasn't easy for me at the beginning : do it every week, going through finger detangling, waiting for a while for my hair to dry and couldn't hang out was kind of heavy but as i was going along i found the way to set things together and i start to enjoy wash day .

I've learned so much about hair in general and about my hair in particular :

  •  The way my hair feels when it is well  moisturized
  •  When it is time for a protein treatment: when there is more breakage than usual, and too much stretch then it's time for a protein treatment; even protein sensitive hair needs it, at least once per month.
  •  Finger detangling is definitely possible and is not that much time consuming when done on hair that hasn't been worn out.
  •  Taking care of my hair isn't a chore, but can be done with pleasure. My mind just needed to get used to the    idea of me spend time with myself.
  •  Patience. My level of patience has been really improved during this journey. You need to be patient for the wash day, patient to see some results on the health of my hair.

I keep learning on every wash day and it's really exciting to know that something new will come out.
The most important lesson i've learned is in other to keep my strands healthy i have to keep it moisturized, always !!!!

I've also been ware of some issues that my hair faces

  •  The difference of density in my mane: the further you move away from the scalp, the thinner are the end. That's probably because i wasn't taking care of my hair before; hair still grew no matter what but not every strands was able to survive.
  •  The front and the crown of my head is way shorter than the rest, due to the lack of maintenance and the fact that on one of those rare occasions i did somenthing to my hair, it was so matted that i just cut it off.

These two combine together, make me think that i should pay extra attention on these areas to miminize the breakage at maximum and i'll have a cut later this year.

  •  My hairline is thin and fragile, i really have to take care of it and find a way to strenghten it.

After a trimester of dedication, i can see and feel the little improvement in my hair, i'll definitely keep it up that way to try to achieve a healthier mane. I think a suitable regimen , consistency & healthy lifestyle are the key for healthy hair.

Pictures : Day 1 twist out


  1. Loving your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!! (Find me on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook under the same username).

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I already follow you on youtube and facebook, i don't have an instagram account


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