Saturday, February 15, 2014

1st trimester 2014 challenge - Update I

Hello everyone!!!!!!

Sorry for the absence but i'm very busy with school at the moment (exams). I just stop here to share a little update on my healthy hair journey. So, i started the journey on the 13/01 instead of the 1st ( i know it took some time for the plane to take off but hey, it made it! ) It has been a month now. I'll conclude the challenge at april 13th.
According to my project, i should've had 5 wash days but i had 4 ( i did only 1 for 2 weeks) which is pretty good ( for me). I have the same regimen and use the same product ( except for the pre-poo: oils can change ). I tried to listen to my hair in order to keep it moisturized.

What i've learned

1- Seal in the moisture : that's something i wasn't doing well before. I have to seal with an oil before i let my hair air dry to be able to retain the moisture much longer or seal with my shea butter mix and style.

2- Even if i wear my hair twisted in a bun with my ends tucked, all under some satin; it still get dry after some days ( not the sealed ends though, i wonder if this has anything to do with the sweat since the ends are kept away from it ). It needs to be remoisturized when it feels dry.

3- I need a leave in conditioner and some sort of moisturizing mist, to ensure health hair and the balance protein - moisture. My weekly deep condition isn't enough like i thought. I'll be looking for something convenient and efficient.

4- Before i decided to take good care of my tresses i had a lot of breakage everywhere, there's a lot of difference of density as one goes away from the scalp: i want that head full of hair. I have a long way to go to recover from my setbacks since my relaxer.

It's not as hard as i tought it could be, you just need some discipline and dedication. Once you find a regimen everything goes more smoothly. I'll keep finger detangling my hair which is something i'm getting better at. On the other hand i'm questioning my deep conditioning regimen: do i really have to dc every week? dc with heat ? dc before shampoing ? etc... Experimenting, experimenting, experimenting is the only way to find the suitable answer ;)

Next update coming at the end of the second month. How are you doing with your journey ? How is your relationship with your hair ?

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