Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Products on my strands

Unfortunately, it's not easy to find good (healthy) products for African hair in Italy. I'm easy going when it comes to hair and i don't feel like purchasing products from France, Uk or Us. I need product that can be found quite easily and besides i don't intend to spend a lot of money on hair care. So i research healthier products that doesn't cost too much here, and find a way to make them work on my tresses.

Pre poo - hot oil treatment
I use whatever oil i have. I don't have any particular preference, i'll go for the cheapest good oil here. Leaving in Italy my go to oil will definetely be my extra vergine olive oil.

I've been able to find a sls/sles, parabens and mineral oils free shampoo for my weekly shampoo. It has silicones in it, but they're water soluble so i'm ok with them. The rest of ingredients can be questionable, but I don't really mind since they've been considered safe. I like the feeling of the shampoo when i use it, it's not stripping or drying on my hair, and feels soft. It's for dry hair : Shampoo moisture care Propilis and Shea butter by "è pura". You can find  pics and ingredients here :


When i feel like i need to clarify hair and scalp i'll go either for a sls/sles shampoo or my acv mix.

I'm not very obssessed with the composition of conditioner, i simply choose conditioner designed for dry and damaged hair. But i've found some good conditioners here without parabens, sles/sls, and with less o no silicones in them. There are not among he populars in the natural hair comunity and i'm very satisfied with the results. From time to time i also use conditioners that i randomly pic at the grossery store. My "healthier" conditioners are: "Balsamo idratante per capelli normali" ( Moisturizing conditioner for normal hair) and "Balsamo setificante per capelli secchi" (Softening and nourishing conditioner for dry hair). You can find pictures and ingredients of my other conditioners here

Deep conditioner
Besides of my diy hair masks, i used the repleneshing deep conditioner by Organics Roots Stimulator that i really appreciated. But i wanted to find something "cleaner"and cheap. So now i'm using the "impacco multiuso al burro di karité" ( Multipurpose mask with shea butter). Find details here http://dudegrowingnaps.blogspot.it/2014/01/mes-produits-capillaires.html under the voice "soin profond". I felt like the ingredients weren't enough and decided to improve the formula with natural oils, essential oils and some cosmetics ingredients for hair.

To make my twist i simply use my shea butter mix and i'm good to go.

Three main factors make me choose a product over and other: the ingredients (and their percentage in the product) , availability ( where and how fast i can find the product) and the price. For me, the product you use is not what gives you the hair you want to achieve but how you use it and the handlings combined to them.


  1. Hey :) I never even thought about the issues facing people with afro hair in Italy! I've been focusing on more all natural products, some that can even be made at home so I'm less reliant on store-bought products. Hope you find what you need!

  2. Hey Janelle,
    the struggle is real here, it's impossible to find "natural products" here, since afro hair is unknown. We can only rely on less harmful product and find a way the make them work for our hair or just make diy products which is still fun btw :):)


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