Thursday, February 27, 2014

My customized deep conditioner

Hello folks !!!

It has been 7 weeks that i started my healthy hair journey and that i've been using my customized deep conditioner and i can say i'm happy with it. I introduced it in the article "products on my strands". I thought the original formula wasn't as rich as the popular products that seem to be working very well for natural afro textured hair. Let's check the original formula in order :

- Aqua : water
 - Propylene glycol : humectant and solvant
  - Myristil alcohol : fatty alcohol. Emollient. emulsifier and especially used as a viscosity agent.
   - Cetrimonium Chloride : Ammonium quaternary salt. Conditioning agent and emulsifier
    - Butyrospermum butter : shea butter
     - Citric acid : ph adjuster i believe
      - Methylchloroisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinon : used together as preservative
       - Fragance
Not enough nourishing and penetrating ingredients for my taste, so i decided to something about it using differents items that i have, trying to measure the ingredients.

In a big sterilized O bowl, i decanted the original mask, 548g or so.
I melted 109g of butters (84g of mango and 25g of shea) that i let cooled at room temperature. Once at room temperature i added them to the mask, with some oils (30g of avocado and 30g of olive) and stirred together. Then i added vegetable glycerin and some aloe vera gel and stirred. And lastly : inulin ( 5g) , hydrolyzed rice protein (7ml), panthenol (13ml) and essential oils: lavander (20 drops) and rosemary (40 drops) stirred well and that's it. The consistency is a creamy one.

  Zoom on some of the ingredients i added

- Inulin : conditioner, it's an excellent soothing and moisturizing agent for hair.

- Hydrolyzed rice protein : strenghtening and volumizing, it improves and maintains the moisture in the hair. It covers the hair, making the styling easier.

 - Panthenol : strengthening agent and hair beautifier, it contributes to the hair growth

My review

The final product is easy to apply, has great slip and is easy to rinsed out. My hair has definitely improved in strength, elasticity, shine, softness and are easier to work with. My ends are always more moisturized.
I also tried it as a leave in conditioner and it seems to work well too: moisture lasting longer (even when i exercise a lot) and my scalp wasn't itchy o flacky.
Unfortunately, i couldn't measure the ph of the product, but i'll check as soon as possible.
Obviously, all this improvement can't be attributed to the deep conditioner itself, let's say that for me it works well with my whole routine :)))


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