Thursday, November 20, 2014

Banana hair mask

After quite sometime (for me) i'm back to do a deep conditioning session. I was grocery shopping i those almost overripe bananas were screaming at me : " save us please, save us from the bin". So i found them a purpose : serve for a mask for hair.

Bananas are rich in potassium, oils and minerals that help smooth the hair, restore the elasticity preventing from split ends and breakage.
They help with manageability, shine/sheen, promote growth and control dandruff.

Here is the recipe i used:

3 ripe bananas

2 Yolk(s)

2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of red palm oil : i had it around the kitchen so i just threw it there. I knew it was a good moisturizer for skin and oil but i found this awesome article on :

2 tablespoons of evoo

10 drops of lavander essential oil

Puree the bananas first with some water ( or other liquid you want ). Then add honey and the yolk(s) and mix (or blend). When everything is smooth, add the carrier oils and then the essential oil. Mix it well and it's ready to use.

Here is a video showing the consistency of the mask

The end result

Sidenote : To avoid bananas bits in the hair and make the final result smoother, make sure to remove                    the inner center parts of the banana before pureeing it.

Part to be removed
              I get to applications out of this amount for my head of hair
             The color is because of the red palm oil
            Since my final result is quite runny, i can be messy to apply : i highly recommend an applicator bottle just in case .

For this time, i decided to apply the mask on dirty dry hair : i only used my shea butter mix and water on it so there was no build up. I apply the mask from the tips to the scalp, make sure i saturate every strand and let it sit under my hair therapy wrap bonnet for 45 minutes.

Afterwards, i rinsed the mask off, proceed with shampoo and conditioner and follow with my moisturizing routine : leave in conditioner + shea butter mix

My thoughts...

I actually wait 3 days before completing this part.
I started with very dry hair and untangled for more than a week but my hair was very easy to detangle with the mask  and i could see the definition through my strands.
The mask really did deep condition my hair well, i have my softness and smoothness back and my moisture too.
I can't speak about the shine that all of these ingredients are supposed to restore since my hair already had shine before i applied the mask.
Hair before i apply the mask

I can say that the banana treatment really did condition my hair, restoring the softness, eased my detangling process A LOT. I'll definitely do tha again from time to time.

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