Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My trimming process : Updated !!!

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!!

To start this year fresh, i chose to begin with clean, neat and healthier ends. Since my last official trimming session back in april last year . i changed a couple of things for my trimming process.

Step 1 : Condition of the mane

I make sure that my hair is well balanced before i start cutting. I mean my hair has to have a good protein - moisture balanced displayed by a good elasticity. So i deep conditioned my hair before to make everything sure everything is ok.

Step 2 : Stretch the hair without heat 

Many blow out or/and flat iron their hair in order to strech it before trimming, i'm not about all that heat yet. I've been experimenting with african threading this past months and it gave me very good stretch without out. I threaded on dry hair pre-stretch in twists, leaving little space between the thread and threading all the way down to the ends.
from twists to african threading 
small space between the thread
Threading all the way to the ends
Sidenote : - Since i have different length on my hair, i section my hair based on the different lengths
                 - I do medium to small sections
                 - I can keep the plait in for several days .
Sections based on lengths
Step 3 : Trim !!!

1st Method : (1) Unravel and detangle the plait thoroughly with tools. (2) glide the hand on the hair shaft to feel the knots, and the driest part. (3) Identify the thinning part. (4) With some shears just trim right before the damaged part :)
(1) Undo and finger detangle

(1)Detangle with tools

2nd Method : For those who don't have that much time, while threading you can estimate (by feeling the hair shaft) the damaged part and cut it after the plait is done or you can thread the healthy part and cut the dead part before ending to thread.
Yes, i know that was a cut not a trim, but hey i like cutting my hair off :DD
This is my new process of trimming without stretching my hair with heat. and i think it will be my go to trimming process. Beside this method allows me to trim on several days so i don't have to spend the tedious 3hrs or so in one day only trimming #ain'tnobodygottimeforthat ;)
How do you trim your hair ?

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