Monday, July 21, 2014

How i deal with sls/sles, mineral oils and silicons

I finally finished to use my unrecommended hair products ( read here ) And my hair are still looking healthy. This how i manage to deal with those ingredients

Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Mostly found in shampoos,we know that sles/sls can be very drying and we better avoid it when we can. I've been using these for the past 2 months and i did my best to keep my hair unstripped  .

  •    Prepoo : I pre pooed my hair for every single wash day. Using oils, butter or even a mask or treatment. Doing so, the arsh detergent will have something to hold on instead of stripping hair from his natural oil .
  •    Apply the shampoo on scalp only : It's necessary to keep the scalp clean as we do for the skin. By applying the shampoo on the scalp only i can reduce the stripping effect on the hair shaft. 
  •    Space out shampoo on the hair shaft : I make sure my strands are really dirty before i wash them with shampoo, so there won't be too stripped.
  •    Deep condition : I deep condition with a moisturizing and nourishing mask every i use sles/sls shampoo making sure that my hair is replenished after that.

Paraffinum liquidum ( mineral oil )

I knew there is a controversy about mineral oil and his effect on natural hair . But wasn't quite sure about it and since it was suspected to clug pore i only apply it on the shaft so that i can wash it out with the sles/sls shampoo. I don't apply any product with mineral oil in it on my scalp.
But doing my researches, i came accross this article that make me want to push even further .


Fortunately most of the silicones in my product are water soluble and/or don't build up anyway so

  • Everytime i wash my hair i make sure to thoroughly rinse it in other to get rid of the cones. 
  • I make sure to apply product with silicones as minimum as possible on the scalp to avoid build up.
  • I regularly use a shampoing to get rid of any form of silicon build up :)

That's it, that's how i've been dealing with those controversial ingredients and kept my hair in good shape :)))

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