Monday, March 3, 2014

My first protein treatment of 2014

Hello There!

Coming up with my relationship with protein treatment. My last protein deep condition was 12 weeks ago, a mayò deep conditioner. Since i started this healthy hair journey, i've been quite consistent with the moisturizing deep conditioning (almost every week ). I observed my hair the past two weeks and i'm not really feeling the way it act.

The health of my hair has improved since i'm taking care of it on a regular basis. There is less shedding, little breakage, it feels more moisturized  and is more manageable. However i reached some point where i'm questioning its health. Lately, my hair has been frizzing a lot and very quicker than usual and there is a lot of "fly aways".
Also, i can stretch my hair so much that it lasts long before snapping and in some cases, doesn't even curl back in place and stays streched.

I noticed breakage, not hair shedding, breakabe: tiny pieces of hair while styling my wet to damp hair. Meaning that my hair has somehow become weaker in his most fragile state. Which bring me to thing that a little bit of proteins could help to strenghten all this. And so i did some researches on protein treatment and this is the best informative video that i came accross on Youtube

Since my hair has low porosity, i didn't want to go on hard protein, so the hydrolyzed protein (you can purchase the hydrolyzed protein on ) sound good to me, but i didn't want to purchase any other stuff for hair and i thought : "well, people use yogurt (which comes from milk) on their hair for ptotein treatment, therefore those proteins come from milk and sometime we find milk protein in conditioners". And this is how i decided to use my hydrolyzed whey protein (dietary supplement ) for my protein treatment.

Here is my formula
   - 136g of my conditioner for normal hair as the base ( you can find the ingredients                  here )
    - 15g hydrolyzed whey protein

I just mixed them togheter

How i used it
I applied the treatment on clean damp hair and let it work for 20 minutes under the hair therapy wrap then i rinsed it out. I followed with a moisturizing conditioner ( i use my customized deep conditioner ) that i let sit for 10 minutes under the shower cap, rinsed and styled on damp hair.

First impression
After my hair dried, it feels really soft, not mushy but just soft. Was shiny, more or less i don't really  know. I didn't experience that much of breakage this time, there was still some tiny pieces of hair around.
Will i did this again? I think i'll be keeping some hydrolyzed wheat protein next to me ;)

Update one week later
11/03 Here we are, one week later. My hair feels soft, and mosturized, no dryness or brittleness. It stretches "normally" and feels stronger since there was little to no breakage when i styled it this time. I've also been able to retain moisture longer this week. So the treatment actually worked, and i saved some money :)))))))))))


  1. That's AMAZING...a man talking about haircare!
    I really your visit on my blog
    kep the good job on!!!

    1. Merci beaucoup tata, lol
      ça fait plaisir de te lire ici


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