Thursday, March 13, 2014

1st trimester 2014 Challenge - Update II

It's been two months that i've been showing some attention to my hair. It's not always easy and sometimes i just don't want to do anything to it. But even though i've been busy this month with exams i managed to keep up with my schedule yeaaaaaah. And as always, i'm learning more about the way my hair behaves and reacts.

 Hair and Sports

When you hear sports, the first thing that comes in mind is sweat. I don't feel like sweat on his own is drying for the hair and scalp. After a work out at the gym, my hair will feel dry and brittle when it dries if i don't spray it. But after a tennis session in a hangar or outside, even if i don't spray my hair afterwards it will still be able to retain moisture for the following days. I believe the key here is the environment where i train : since the climate here is not dry and there is a lot of humidity in the closed hangar, my hair doesn't lost a lot of its moisture when i play tennis. On the other hand it loses moisture at the gym because the environment where i work out is very dry.
In other to keep it moisturized i have to spray some sort of mist onto my hair before it dries, right after i sweat.

 Deep Conditioning

After some good weeks of deep condioning with heat, my hair started to feel mushy at some areas, gummy when it is wet, my dry hair stretched way too much before snapping and there was some tiny pieces of broken hair. All that was due to over conditioning on my hair, and the lost of moisture-protein balance.
So, it doesn't matter if it is winter time, if my hair has low porosity, i don't need/have to deep condition with heat every single week. I must either deep condition using heat every two weeks or deep condition without heat every week during hard winter time. I should listen to my hair and deep condition only when needed.

Protein treatment

Since my hair is protein sensitive, hydrolyzed proteins seem to work good for me, they don't let the hair dry and brittle, no need to absolutely follow with moisturizing deep conditioner. The hair feels soft, shiny and moisturized.

I am happy the challenge is not too hard and everything come into place in the learning process. Next update will be on the conclusion of this 1st trimester challenge.

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