Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scalp issues...

 I experienced certain issues with my scalp, nothing really serious i believe. Fortunately i've been able to overcome them quite easily.

Scalp oiliness 
In the month of june i have experienced oiliness on my scalp. I noticed that my scalp was particularly bright and greasy around 2-3 days after shampoo. I never had this condition since i can 2 weeks without a greasy scalp. I checked my notes ( yes i keep a diary ) to try to identify the origin of the problem. It came out that it was because of the frequent application of my onion-garlic concoction  on my scalp. In fact i've applied it for 6 washes in a row, letting it sit overnight and sometimes using my thermal cap. Sometimes i also applied it in the front part of my hair and my perimeter and massaged that in during the week. The first weeks after application my scalp was fine then it rebels itself .

Lessons learned : 
1- Oiling scalp on a regular bases is not for everyone, if you're scalp is normal/healthy don't oil frequently it, it could create a problem on a long run.
  2- If  it's not broken then don't fix it ! You don't have to use remedies consistently if everything is       already ok, don't over do things. It's ok to do a treatment from time to time.
    3- Mind the concentration when it comes to onion and garlic, the stuff is potent especially if you          use it with heat or let sit overnight.
          4- Pay attention on how you preserve your concoction and how long you can use them safely.

How i fixed it ?
I didn't do anything special for the recovery my scalp, i just stop doing what i've been doing and proceeded with my normal cleansing regimen and my scalp got back to his normal condition after a couple of washes .

Scalp irritation
I posted some photos on my facebook page (here) where i showed some sort of irritation on my hair perimeter behind my ear. I  realized that it was because of the tension of my african threading sets, meaning that this area of my hair is particularly sensitive, especially with with african threading ( i didn't experience such thing with 2-strands twists).

Lesson learned :
Pay attention on the different areas of my scalp, especially around my perimeter and when i do african threading.

How i fixed it ?
I didn't do anything drastic for it, i just made sure to frequently massage the area with a mixture of coconut oil and lavender essential oil to alleviate the irritation and i kept doing this until it was gone .

Hair journey is all about trial and errors, that could also cause setback i guess. Just beware of what you are using and what you are doing and how you are doing and using it on your head of hair.

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