Friday, August 22, 2014

My current simple regimen

I've made my regimen a little simpler for the off week and it's actually working at keeping my hair moisturized for the whole week .

1. Prepoo
I usually do it before i go to bed, the day before wash day or some hours before. I undo the style i had the whole week, apply the oil mix on my scalp and massage then apply to the hair shaft removing shedded hair and doing some light finger detangling. I focused on my ends. Twisted the hair and bantu knots. When i finish my hole head i put on a plastic cap, scarf and let it sit. At the end of the sitting time, prior shampoing i finger detangle my hair .

2. Shampoo
I apply the shampoo directly on my scalp with an applicator bottle and massage in circular motions. I undo the bantu knots and rinse thoroughly. The shampoo runs through the hair shaft .

3. Deep conditioning
On squeezed hair, I apply the hair mask amking sure that i cover every strands. I let it sit under my thermic cap "hair therapy wrap" for 20 minutes ( actually more than that because i always have something elsse to do meanwhile ). I rinse with warm water, squeeze and remove the excess of water with a T-shirt.

4. Styling
I use my diy spray ( ingredients here ) as a leave in conditioner , i seal with my shea butter mix paying more attention on my ends. Then i twist my hair or do some african threadin and i'm good for the week.

I always work my hair in sections, it's less overwhelming.
Sometimes i can seal the moisture right after i rinsed the deep conditioner, t-shirt dry and then style with my shea butter mix.
I spend 30 minutes to prepare my hair to prepoo, 30min to finger detangle after i let sit the prepoo treatment, 1hour or so to set my hair (about 10 twists or african threading )
I don't know why but it's hard for me to do anything else to my hair throughout the week ut sometimes i can happen to spritz my hair and remoisturize my hair (that would be in the midweek ).

That's it !!! My weekly regimen

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