Monday, February 23, 2015

What i learn about my natural hair in 2014

2014 was the year that i decided to take care of my hair consistently and so far i have learned  a lot about my head of hair and about hair care in general.

Listen to my hair

That's probably the biggest lesson i've learned. My hair will tell me everything, what it want, what it needs, what it likes and doesn't like. There is no need to only relay on a strict routine .

Hair texture and density

I have multiple curl pattern and density around my head. I can part a little section and find at least two different curl patterns in it and in that same section i can pull out 2 strands of hair with different thickness: thin strands and thicker ones.
I don't have the same density all over my hair some areas seem to have higher density than other, for example my right side is "thicker" than the left side.
It's ok to have a mix of everything going on on one head.

My problem area

For some reason the top of my hair just doesn't want to chill and i hate it. I like fullness in the top and in the front of the head of hair but this area of mine is the shortest, most fragile, less dense and the aerea were i shed the most . I'm having a hard time trying to grow out this area that breaks off easily and is thinning . I'll try my best to fix it .
You can easily see the difference of density in the front part, and some damage too
Growth rate

My hair seems to grow faster when i work out, have a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand i shed very much during and after a stressful period.

Unwanted ingredients

Despite all the recommendations on silicones, mineral oils and sulfates, i used them anyway in my regimens and my hair did just fine. I didn't notice any damage from these ingredients in my products, i've been able to preserve the health of my hair and retained some length. Thus to me, it's all about finding the right way to use these ingredients .

Bobby pins & hair ties

It's better to buy some good quality bobby pins. The cheap ones get damaged really quick and can lead to some breakage by snagging the hair. It caused me some damage in my mane.
Let go off the damaged hair ties they will just tear the hair and cause a lot of snagging.

Perimeter and edges

I've come to the conclusion that there is not much i can do for my edges really. They are naturally thin and fragile, as i like to say, sometime they just go on holidays. I think i tried it all this past year but they would'nt get thicker or fuller.

These are the main thinks i've learned and discover about my head of hair during 2014. Did you learn something new about your hair in 2014 ?

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